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Elizabeth O'Dell (left) gives a gift to a child for the Angel Select Toy Drive.

Photo: Jacob McAdams

A long line of people waits outside of the Family Life Center on Dec. 10 for the Angel Select Toy Drive hosted by Repair the Breach.

Photo: Jacob McAdams

James Harrell (back) brings down a couple of bags containing pre-registered gifts for the Angel Select Toy Drive.

Photo: Jacob McAdams

Barbara Patterson (right) provides food to a needy individual. The food is donated by the Houston Food Bank.

Photo: Jacob McAdams

Yolanda Sullivan (left), Kelsie Wilkie (second from left) and Shianne Hunter (third from left) of Livingston/Cleveland Pediatrics provide ornaments for needy families during the Angel Select Toy Drive.

Photo: Jacob McAdams

Theresa Chance (left) of Cross Community Church provides clothing and other items for the needy at the Angel Select Toy Drive.

Photo: Jacob McAdams

A long line of local and needy citizens gathered outside of Cross Church of Cleveland and the Family Life Center on Dec. 10 for an early Christmas blessing as Repair the Breach ministries hosted its annual Angel Select Toy Drive.

Repair the Breach ministries is a non-profit organization that formed in 2004 that helps those who have lost their way or require assistance by providing for needs that are spiritual or physical.

"We provide assistance, job training programs, counseling, food programs, affordable child care, teen pregnancy assistance and homeless shelter assistance, " said Cheryl Driver of Repair the Breach.

"Today we are providing assistance for homeless and low income families to assist them with the holidays, " said Driver.

Over 50 volunteers set up booths, a Christmas tree surrounded by wrapped presents and bags containing pre-registered gifts inside of the gym of the Family Life Center. Families come in and take what they need to help provide for their children for the Christmas holidays while also visiting other booths providing items such as ornaments or clothing.

"It's to show the community the church still does care about the community, " said Raphael Driver of Repair the Breach.

While a final count for the number of people served at the Angel Select Toy Drive is not known at this time, Cheryl Driver says Repair the Breach is known to serve over 1, 300 people in their past drives.

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