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Red Restaurant Cleveland

My wife and I went to this place while in town for a Cleveland clinic specialist appointment. We thought we would go somewhere special trying to shed a good light on a bad day...

So we showed up early and decided to be a cocktail. Mind you, this place charges out the A** for everything. So my wife asked for an infused (on the menu) Tito's and cranberry. The bartender, who was taking our order from 12' away because he decided polishing glasses was more important than coming to us says, " I can't make that because I don't know how I would be able to ring it up. That booze is only for a dedicated cocktail." NOW THATS SERVICE!!!

So we requested our table that we had reserved. And, were seated promptly. We were created by a nice server named Matt who introduced himself and went over the specials. Professionally I might add.

We were enthused about the Big Eye tuna and ordered it for an app. In the mean time, I tried to order a couple different Cabs off the wine list, which weren't available. Finding out later that they had been sold out some 5 (July) months ago. Some wine list.

Well the tuna showed up and it was on a warm plate and soft and mushy and warm. NOT ANY WAY TO EAT RAW TUNA. We decided that this was not a place we wanted to spend any more money at. To me, the menu looked good but this place was poorly managed. Never go back...

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