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Cleveland Independent Schools

The reasons cited over and over again by the 400, 000 families who send their children to our schools include individual attention, small classes, teacher excellence, and high academic standards. But the main motive for families looking into independent private schools can be summarized in one word: Quality. They want, quite simply, the best for their sons and daughters (Source: National Association of Independent Schools).

CCIS Guidelines of Best Practices For Admissions & Marketing

CCIS adheres to common admissions guidelines to ensure that families and schools remain well served during the admission process. These guidelines are published by NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) and ISACS (Independent Schools Association of the Central States). Questions may be directed to the administrators at any of the CCIS member schools.

Principles of Good Practice, NAIS

What types of admissions resources are available?

  • Admission Testing Agencies
  • Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE)
  • Administered by the Educational Records Bureau (NY)
  • Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT)
  • Administered by the Secondary School Admissions Testing Board (NJ)
  • Telephone: 609-683-4440
  • Financial Aid
  • School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS)
  • Applications (Parent Financial Statement - PFS) available from the school to which you are applying.
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