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Bowling Downtown Cleveland

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This place is great. it's a bit hard to find, but make an effort to go there. it's very close to downtown so it's a nice place to go to on your way out or on your way home if you're out on the weekend. i really prefer this place to corner alley for a variety of reasons... 1) cost: it's really cheap 2) not pretentious... 3) it's bowling, dammit! this place is just your old school bowling alley you'd find in the early 90's. don't go there if you're looking for something more. cheap beers, cheap snack foods (nothing special, but if you're in a 'good' mood from drinks or other libations, it works). the service is prompt, and i've never had any problems with the employees. enjoy this place! it's good for small groups of people trying to get drunk downtown and then bowl a few rounds. they've got pool tables as well.

I've thrown my share of gutter balls but I love throwing them at Twin Lanes the best! When you turn off of Chester, you're first welcomed by the Twin Lanes bowling sign which looks like it was just plopped on an old abandoned building. Boarded up, maybe...but it's still open! Just make sure you park in their parking lot because you might get car jacked if you leave your vehicle on the street. Word to the wise! Then when you enter in the lanes, you're greeted by the sweet smells of nacho cheese, ranch dressing and bowling oil. Plus the Twins (Tim and Tom) usually have on some sort of Turner Classic Movie or if you're really lucky, a Cavs game to distract you from the two guys at the end-lane who are real bowlers and keep getting loud strikes. Bleh to them and their arm guards and...strikes! I first found Twin Lanes when I joined a league there way back in the day. The Twins still remember me, and strangely always are asking me if I'm married yet. I think it's because their nephew had a crush on me/every single girl that bowled with us. Ahh...if I'd only played my cards right, maybe I could have had a stake in Twin Lanes! The bowling games are cheap and often they don't charge you fully. Not quite sure if it's because they are nice or because they're generally defeated by life...but whatever...free shoe rentals! Plus the food is almost all $3 or less. I can eat enough processed cheese nachos/chili cheese fries to make me sick, plus bowl, plus grab a PBR all for under $10. It's no wonder the last piece of "advertising" they got was how they were going to go belly-up in 2008. Well, they haven't. Thank goodness for me.

This place is great for a boat load of reasons. If you feel as if you're about to walk into an abandoned building on the east side of Cleveland, ignore the feeling and continue on inside. Super cheap drinks, super cheap bowling. 2 games and shoes for 2 people is about $14. Call ahead to find out when there's leagues vs. open bowling. Best reason of all? The twins. yup, named Twin Lanes because its twins, TIM and TOM, that run the joint.

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