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Public House Cleveland menu

17219 Lorain Ave
Cleveland, OH 44111
(216) 252-6608

Seriously? Gerri comparing Irish Soda Bread to Date Nut? Not remotely the same taste or texture! I really love the Public house! Sit at the bar and you'll receive friendly service and can chat with a few regulars! Heidi is my favorite server, so say hello to her on Fridays! The fish is always delicious and their steak salad.YUMMY! Beer is cold and a nice selection of wines for the budget wine drinker. Waitress are quick to refill your beverage. Ck your takeout before leaving, kitchen constantly 'forgets' to package it properly. I've been missing my slaw and fries the last few fridays, sigh.

The food is okay and the staff is nice. I find this to be more of a place to go in the winter or a rainy day because it's a bit dark inside and doesn't have a patio. Also, be aware that they do not have any game day specials here.

Fish, fish, fish. This is the place for your fish and chips. It's sandwiches and salads otherwise, which was my only issue. Locally produced perogies, Lake Erie perch. Franny Favorites is the plate of choice here, I's suggest it but those perogies are so filling! I recommend stopping in to eat before you gallivant around Kamm's Corner.

The Public House is one of those perfectly acceptable West Park pubs. Nothing about it is either exceptionally good nor exceptionally poor. They've made some improvements in the several decades that I've been intermittently visiting, first as a neighborhood resident and then as a holiday visitor. The bar in the middle of the floor, for example, that was once so stupidly big that it took up 60% of the floor area, has been reduced so that people can actually walk by one another on the outskirts. There's a fair amount of seating, a tolerable beer selection (macro-swill, Guinness, and maybe some Great Lakes), okay prices, and a crowd that isn't nearly as douche-heavy as West Park Station a few doors down. I've never done the food, so I can't speak to that. There's a jukebox with a decent selection of the usual Irish punk West Park bars specialize in. So, if you want to see your former teachers from Our Lady of the Angels drinking by day and the current crop of neighborhood kids who've turned legal by night, this is a perfectly alright place for a pint and a shot. It's not divey enough for ironic hipster slumming nor upscale or memorable enough to make it a destination, but as a place to whet your whistle on the way elsewhere or a last call destination on the stumble home, Public House will get the job done for you. In a weird way, it's my archetype for the three-star review. It's not as if it's a three star mean score, an establishment that does some things well and others badly, but rather a place that is uniformly solid but unspectacular. It's hard to imagine either loving or hating it.

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