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In the restaurant experience, few initial experiences are more annoying than showing up on time for a reservation, and being made to wait for 30-40 minutes at the bar. I understand that the problem is similar to airline overbooking, but when being asked to pay $45 - $60 for a steak, it grates on the nerves to be shuffled off to wait.

The kitchen was apparently overwhelmed. We were seated in a back, back room with little or no ambiance, and waited about 10 minutes for a server. We then had to wait an additional 20 minutes for our overpriced (but tasty appetizers - pork belly with goat cheese grits and a cherry chutney - which deserves appropriate praise).

The main course was more disappointing. I ordered the bone-in ribeye medium rare - which, after a considerable wait, was delivered to the table blue. My companion fared better with her New York Strip, which was properly cooked, but I sent mine back to the kitchen for a bit more time on the grill. Even so, it came back too rare for my tastes, but rather than waste any more time, I ate it as is.

I saw two other diners in the same small back room send their steaks back to the kitchen, which suggests that they were having difficulties. Again, in the rarefied atmosphere of this restaurant, where dinner for two (with two glasses of wine) came to more than $200, there's no excuse for poor service, or for improperly prepared food.

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