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Last weekend our family visited the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. We have a membership to the Akron Zoo, and because the Cleveland Zoo is part of the reciprocal program, we were able to visit for half off the typical admittance price. Score!

The African Elephant Crossing Exhibit

Right as we walked into the zoo we saw the elephant attraction. The zoo did an amazing job with this exhibit, and the placement at the front of the zoo makes for a grand entrance. We got to see four elephants, three on one side and one on the other side of the enclosure.

I especially liked that there were plenty of good viewing areas surrounding the enclosure for guests to observe the elephants. We got to see them eating hay, carrying large sticks and tossing dirt on their backs with their trunks.

Throughout the day there are scheduled “Elephant Crossings.” During these times the zookeepers open a gate between the two enclosures and allow one of the elephants to cross to the other side. We observed one of the crossings and found it quite fascinating.

At the start of the crossing we watched as the elephants from both sides of the enclosure walked toward the middle gate. Then the zookeepers called the three elephants in the left enclosure back to stand by the side. The elephants responded almost immediately to the zoo keepers calling and were rewarded with a treat when they reached the side.

After all three elephants on the left side were out of the way, the gates opened and the elephant on the right side crossed over the path. He was nearly running to come see his friends. It was definitely a sight to be seen. Kudos to the zoo for creating such an entertaining exhibit!

Picnic Areas and Playgrounds

While there are numerous concessions stands located throughout the zoo, we choose to bring a packed lunch instead. About half way into our visit we stopped at a picnic area tables located next to a small playground.

The picnic tables were located under a large tent which enabled us to get out of the sun for a little while. Since I’m prone to sun burns, I always appreciate shaded eating areas. We had a nice lunch and then let the kids play before heading back out to see more animals.

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