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The Cleveland School of the Arts School Parent Organization (SPO) is the officially recognized parent group of CSA and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The primary role for parents and guardians in the CSA-SPO is to support the academic achievement of all students within our school.

Cleveland School of the Arts encourages and supports parent involvement! When you are involved in your student's school life, they have a better chance at achieving success. Adults are invited to: volunteer, join SPO leadership, help their students learn at home, actively communicate with the school, and collaborate with the community.

Through your active involvement in the school your student will:

  • learn how much you value your place in education
  • see how to contribute positively to a community
  • benefit from your opportunity to have a voice in school matters
  • see the importance of giving back

School Parent Organization Meetings:

Every parent or custodial caregiver is a member of the CSA-SPO by virtue of having a student at CSA and you are invited to attend our SPO meetings!

  • Monthly parent meetings are for parents to get the information they need to remain a viable part of their child’s educational process.
  • To provide parents information on school improvement classification.
  • To allow parents an avenue to provide continuous healthy feedback in their child’s academic process.

What is School Parent Organization’s Responsibility?

Work with CMSD building leadership and community partners to create meaningful parent engagement activities that educate parents on how to aid in their child’s education.

We are searching for volunteers. As we welcome parents and community members to volunteer in our schools. We will need to make certain that the proper documentation is obtained. This will include the following:

Contact Us

School Website – www.ClevelandSchooloftheArts.org
Parent Email – spo@clevelandschoolofthearts.org
Parent Facebook – SPO.CSAPanthers
Parent School Text Hotline/Voicemail – 216-395-7590
Text CSA401 to 96298
Twitter (Counselors) – @MyCSACounselor

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