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Ohio City Cleveland bars

The homey spot has been located in the heart of Ohio City since 1974 - amid the houses and in a house that dates back 120 years. Heck's has also been early to the whole neighborhood cafe game, not to mention Happy Hour.


Heck's Cafe Ohio City

2927 Bridge Avenue, Cleveland

Happy Hour: 3-6 p.m. Monday-Friday; 9 p.m.-close daily

The $5 menu is eclectic and unique beginning with a cocktail list that offers new takes on standards, like the Sugar Plum Stormy or the Apple Spiced Margarita. Man, the selection of French Fries is just was wide: six different kinds, including the delicious Moroccan style (a fine complement to the Stormy cocktail).

Heck's stellar bar burger also fetches $5 and comes with fries - great deal. The Chicken Caesar Salad is unique and delicious - and very sharable given the generous portions. The Cauliflower Asiago Dip-it comes on a board surrounded by bread and vegetables - is just as unique and sharable.

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