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1. Re: How safe is Cleveland Greyhound Bus Station

Candidly, I doubt if any readers can answer that question with any knowledge or certainty as it's doubtful than many of us have been there at that time of day. Personally, I never give safety assurances for anybody anywhere, but I wouldn't be particularly worried about that station.

Cleveland's Greyhound bus terminal is large and historic. It's one of the most celebrated bus stations in the U.S. and a valued gem in the Greyhound system.

Here's a relatively recent article on the terminal (from 2008), but I don't know if it still resembles this.

I would be surprised if Greyhound doesn't provide adequate security for its stations as it certainly would have liability under the U.S. legal system.

The Greyhound Station is not in a dangerous part of Cleveland, but it may be forlorn in the early morning. It is across from the backside of Cleveland's PlayhouseSquare theater center, one of the best in the world, and the new Hofbrauhaus.

It's a relatively large bus station, and little changed on the outside from the days when bus travel was a very major form of transportation in the U.S.

There's an historic picture of the lobby in the article below.

I would be surprised if the station currently handles a million passengers per year, let alone 3 million.

My biggest concern is whether you would encounter panhandlers. That likely would depend upon the level of security and Greyhound corporate policy. Cleveland panhandlers generally are very polite, although sometimes persistent.

Please report back to us on your experience, as this question is asked periodically and it would be great to offer a first-hand experience.

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