Indian restaurant

Indian food Cleveland Ohio

6339 Olde York Rd
Cleveland, OH 44130
(440) 743-7154

Daksin continues to be my favorite Indian restaurant for wide variety of Indian dishes and different spices. Mr Jagan Mohan is a very personable man and ensures my family has a great time. The service is very good and they attend to all my concerns. Will continue to support Dakshin. Thx D.Raheja MD

I was very excited when they opened it in Cleveland as I tried their Columbus location a year ago which was really good. But within few attempts I realized that this is one of the worst Indian restaurants in the area. Poor service and wait times are very long. Biryani quality is no way comparable to any of the restaurants in the area and often it tasted worse. They call it Paradise Biryani but it's not Biryani at all as it feels like curry mixed with rice. This is one of the first Indian restaurants I've been to that didn't serve Naan even though it's on the menu. Orders were messed up multiple times during the dine-in and take out. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone. Taste: 2 out of 5 Quality: 1 out of 5 Service: 0 out of 5

This is one my go to places when I crave for Indian food.. I have been here quite a few times and this place never fails to surprise me..

The first Indian restro I tried after moving frm Seattel 6 months ago, even today it's my top list for a perfect lazy Sunday lunch. Lunch buffet is a totally value fr money. Today on mothers day, I was here and food was amazing and taste like home. The chicken and fish appetizers was super yammy, the south Indian varities wer good. Being frm Hyderabad, biryani has a standard to meet and biryani today was close to it :p . Taste: 4.5/5 Service : 5/5 Ambiance : 3/5 Note: Service is amazing, if you don't like anything tell them, they will fix it or at least improve it.

Very bad experience. The floors although wooden have holes in them. There is no host. We were seated and had to wait 5 minutes to menus, silverware and had to ask for water glasses. When we were seated there was a water jug from the previous people who must've sat at the table we were sitting. There was only 1 waiter who was serving 4 tables and was very slow. Took 20 minutes for our food to come and they forgot to bring out the dosas. As much as the food is good the ambiance needs much improvement. Looks like renovations were being done and are incomplete. They didn't have any music on to liven the atmosphere. No one came to check on to see how everything was once the food had arrived. I asked for less spicy food and the head chef cane and said its not possible. In my opinion this isn't a restaurant I'll be visiting again unless they make some improvements!!

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Indian food in Cleveland
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