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The burger and fries were fine, but as I fully expected it just isn't the same as heading to an actual B Spot restaurant. Obviously there is no atmosphere in the Casino foodcourt but the food itself is certainly no comparison and you will pay the premium for location. The pickle situation is certainly lacking here. With that said, it is still a fine option for Casino dining and if you are in the mood for a burger as opposed to a piece of pizza or deli sandwich, it will fill you up and taste good in the process.

Ordered their house salad and added chicken. total was 17 dollars for the salad. lets just say the salad was by far terrible. chicken wasnt cut, lettuce was wet and old, and the tomatoes were not fresh. for this price i expected to get sonething good, but was extremely disapointed. i will never purchase anything from there again, and dont recommend this restraunt to anyone

They did not have the menu item from the web site I was really looking forward to. There was no indication it would not be available.

I found the burger to be good, but nothing remarkable. It's definitely above average but for all the hype I had been hearing about B Spot I guess I expected more. It's pretty pricey for being counter service as well. Burger, fries and soda were $19. Not bad but nothing I feel I absolutely need to ever try again.

So I read that there's a Michael Symon restaurant a few blocks from my hotel. Cool. It's at a casino. Okay. So I try to make a trip over there. Nothing is going on downtown, but Horseshoe wants $35 Special Event parking? So I wait for one of the infrequent free parking nights. You walk through the casino and it turns out that this is just another stall in their food court. Glad I didn't pay to park... The brat and onion rings themselves weren't bad, but I couldn't get over the fact that I dropped nearly $30 to eat off of plastic plates at a casino food court. I went back to the hotel feeling like a sucker.

We were not in the mood for Lola's, but really wanted to try a Michael Symon restaurant. We read and had heard mixed reviews but wanted to experience it. Well I wish we would have eaten the free hotel meal. I got my burger well done but the edges were burnt and tasted burnt. Not what I expect from well done. The bacon was 1 slice cut in 2 and the finished burger was smaller than a 1/4 pounder. No visible seasoning, nor could you taste amy salt, pepper, or anything else. I had to rip off aboit 1/3 of thr bun otherwise several bites would have been bread only. The onion rings had a thick batter and were crisp, but I couldn't detect any seasoning on them. They tasted ok. I didn't finish the burger or onion rings. The milkshake was the star, which is how this review got it's stars. It was thick, creamy, and delicious. You could actually taste the chocolate in it. Very thick. A dessert really and a great one. You could have served it upside down, it was that thick. If I was reviewing dessert instead of the whole dinner it would get 4.5 stars. The bill was $38 and change for 2 burgers, 1 shake, and 1 order of onion rings. I would still have given it maybe only 2 stars had the price been less than $10. Just not tasty.

Meh. Not a very good burger. Pales in comparison to other B Spot burgers I've had at the Westlake location and most other burgers in CLE. Lola fries just ok. My vanilla milkshake brought all the boys to my slot machine. If you have the time, walk over to Johnny's Little Bar for a burger instead of this place.

I got the porky fries and chocolate shake. The fries were ok. The shake was very tasty. Neither one was worth the price. The cashier was very nice. The other people who handed the food out didn't have great customer service.

For a quick burger. For downtown. It's not bad. Yet, we all have experienced better. That's about where the thrills for this place end. I ordered a $9 cheeseburger and was delivered a dish that at first glance looked like the size of a slider. Very small. The burgers taste decent, but the portions are very small. Avoid the "Lola Ketchup, " as it's absolutely the most hideous burger condiment I've ever tasted. I keep forgetting that this place has some crazy obsession with rosemary fries, and you have to ask for normal french fries. Burgers take about 10-minutes, their $3 soft drink cups hold a measly 12oz and they use a system of SHOUTING out your name to pick up the order. So if you have a generic, boring, single syllable name like "Bob, " suggest you come up with something more creative when there's a crowd. Crowd's aren't bad on weekdays, but on weekends I've seen a wait, and a severe drought of table availability.

Love Michael Symon... but the burgers here are not worth the $$$. Two cheeseburgers, one order of Lola fries, and two soft drinks in a very casual (loud) dining room were just under $40. Our burgers were good, not great; both were ordered medium and both were served overdone. One would think as well when you pay this much for burgers and fries, you would get your beverage in a glass... with a refill or two. We got plastic cups of ice with a little soda drizzled over the cubes. Dine here if you're at the casino and there are no other options. If there are other options, go elsewhere. Life's too short to be disappointed by your burgers and fries.

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