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Cleveland Clinic campus

Offers a diagnositics clinic, functional behavior assessments and outreach/consultation. The Lerner School for Autism serves students from preschool to age 22.

Speech/language assessments are also available.

There are training programs for parents and siblings and social skills programs for children with high-functioning Autism/Asperger’s Disorder.

Accepts Medicaid and Medicare insurance.


2801 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
Cleveland, OH 44104


Name: Thomas Frazier
Credentials: PhD
Title: Director
Phone: (216) 448-6440
Agency: Cleveland Clinic
Website: Click here »


Parents/Family Members, Families with Children/Teens, 0-2 Years, 03-13 Years, 14-21 Years


Autism Scholarship Providers, Disability Agencies, Early Intervention, Education: School Consultants, Education: Schools, Medical: Diagnosis & Assessment, Medical: Neurologists, Medical: Nutrition & Eating Issues, Medical: Pediatricians, Medical: Psychiatrists, Medical: Psychologists, Medical: Specialists, Social Skills Programs, Therapy: ABA Consultants, Therapy: Occupational Therapists, Therapy: Physical Therapists, Therapy: Speech Therapists

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