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6. Re: getting to the Cleveland Clinic from the airport

Remember that there are two (2) Intercontinental Hotels on the Cleveland Clinic Campus. Be sure to note the name and street of the hotel (esp. if you are going to take a taxi or shuttle). If you want to get to the Clinic Campus cheaper than a taxi, take one of the airport shuttle services, which MUST be pre-arranged before the trip (do a search or email me for more info). Shuttle drivers are not supposed to solicit persons for rides at the airport (due to the taxi cab lobby). However, if you arrive without a reservation, go to the Welcome Center in the center of the baggage claim level (between baggage claim 5 & 6) and look for shuttle company brochures or call from one of the info. kiosks on the baggage claim level. They usually have a driver or 2 in the vicinity and could pick you up in 10-15 minutes.

The cheapest option, if you don't mind the walk and transferring, is using public transportation ($2.00 per trip fare-no free transfers-starting in Nov. 2008). I agree with some of the other posters to take the Red Line train to Tower City Center and then take the brand new "Health Line" bus rapid transit. Do NOT get off at the Red Line Quincy stop and walk, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area and/or have a bag (it's not the best neighborhood and it's quite a far walk). If you are staying at the Intercontinental Hotel & Conference Center on Carnegie Ave. get off at the E. 105 St. station., backtrack a block to E. 100 St. and walk 1 block south to the hotel. If you are staying at the Intercontinental Hotel & Suites on Euclid Ave., get off at the E. 89 St. station and the hotel is right there. Hope this helps.

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