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Cheapest Hotels in Cleveland

Whether visiting for business or recreation, downtown Cleveland, Ohio, has a wide variety of options to suit the preferences of any visitor. A number of galleries, museums, and parks provide enriching opportunities for leisure. Professional sports, excellent restaurants, intriguing shopping, and beautiful architecture are all available in Cleveland as well. Over 80 sit-down restaurants cover downtown Cleveland, providing the perfect taste for any palate.

Some of the most popular attractions in downtown Cleveland are The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and PlayHouse square — the nation's largest performing arts center outside of New York city — both of which provide a heavy dose of both culture and fun. Additionally, the city is home to the Indians, Browns, and Cavaliers. No matter the time of day or the season of the year, there is always something new and exciting to do in Cleveland!

A number of hotels are located close to downtown Cleveland, some of which even offer features such as complimentary breakfasts, spa services, and historical charm. Take a look at some of the hotels in or near downtown Cleveland.

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