Cleveland Metroparks

Cleveland Metroparks Nature Center

3037 Som Center Rd
Willoughby Hills, OH 44094
(440) 473-3370

Such a lovely place to go hiking here! There are a ton of hiking trails that are well marked and developed paths, the scenery is serene and peaceful. Now that the winter is over I plan on coming here often for hiking and running. There's a paved path through the park that makes it easy for running and biking, but the hiking pathways are dirt. I went yesterday after the rains and it was rather muddy..definitely wasn't prepared for that but it was so much fun and pleasant that I didn't even mind. There is plenty of areas to park along the drive through the park, different picnic areas that have maps and trail head over for a relaxing drive or walk through this gem park!

Beautiful place to hike in the metro parks. Rich with history and full of trails to explore for the whole day. So much to see. Great for hiking, biking, running. If you are craving a little Mother Nature this is the perfect place to get your fix.

Very cool checking out the castle and taking a hike. Pretty funny to watch all the wedding parties fighting it out to take pictures. This is a one and done place.

I'd been to this Metro Park many times but never went into the nature center. Let me say I was impressed - wifi, live and stuffed animals (both previously alive and made in China), gift shop - what's not to like?

Beautiful unpaved hiking trails about 2 miles each but many different paths. The park is well maintained and peaceful. It would be nice if there were more shelters and restrooms but the ravines and streams were stunning.

Great, relaxing and expansive park. Plenty of wildlife and little critters to see. Squires Castle is a cool place to take the little ones and even take wedding party photos! They have a sled riding hill up the road that gets packed in the winter with families but is a blast. So many little nooks and crannies I have yet to explore. Now how the hell do I find my way out?!

I'll give it 4 stars if you wanna hike, roller blade, push ur kid around in a buggie, ride a horse - plenty of trails for that, picnic or just lay in the grass. However any park this large needs a place for us dirt monkeys. WE DONT RIDE ON SILLY PAVED TRAILS! Those are for the above mentioned folks and they are nicely suited to those types of park goers. Hooray for them and boo hoo for us. I heard this park system is supposed to be amazing and cool and and and...well I hate to be the stick in the concrete but until this park system puts in 1/4 of the money into single track for us mountain bikers that it does for our fine equestrian friends the park is sub standard. I pay tax here just like the rest and I've looked for other places to ride off road here in Cleveland and they are few and far between. I hear there is a new guy running the park system now, balls in your court bro. I'll even help make trail for free and get others to do the same. And while ur at it put a DISC GOLF course in too! I'll help with that as well. So I can't wait to see this park get the five stars it will deserve when you take care of us mountain bikers and disc golf fans. Trust me you would have plenty of volunteers and we are good people that you want in your parks.

Such a gorgeous place! I came here for my friend's wedding, though I had never been here before. It is absolutely a gem of a place. There are hiking trails, picnic area, and even open fields to play in. The castle itself is beautiful. The inside is hollowed out and so much fun to run around in. The flower girl and ring bearer had such a blast playing tag in and around the castle. The best part was that the pictures from the wedding came out gorgeous; a fairytale come true!

If you want to take a nice easy walk, there are proper paths, if you want to do real hiking, just cut off trail! If you are going off trail bring some towels for your seats or a change of clothes, it's easy to get muddy. You need to check out Squire's castle if you come here, they have added signs with info about Squire, which is interesting if you are nerdish, like myself. And keep an eye open for animals, there are all sorts of critters running around.

We have hiked the trails here for years. The best part about the park is all the geocaches placed here. It adds to the fun experience.

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