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Nice restaurants in Cleveland

This "bar" is definitely not just a bar. it's was a time traveling experience.

The room was very elegantly designed and arranged. There was a live pianist/jazz band playing music at the corner, although their musical skills were probably not the best, but if you don't pay close attention to it, you wouldnt mind their errors and out-of-tuneness that much.

The menu was like a novel. Seriously, it was a real well-written novel. It just made me want to try EVERY SINGLE DRINK on the menu. I decided to go with the Shanghainese cocktail, which was MIND BLOWING! It tasted like asian cuisine but also has a lot of spices in it. It was a very complex drink with multiple layers in taste that made you feel like you just traveled back to shanghai in it's 70's.

The best of all, there's a private room that need reservation to get too, but the waiter was very nice and he offered us a tour to the "back room." He told us that the glass on the door was a one way glass, which means that you cant see what's INSIDE the back room but people in the back room can see you from inside. It's designed like a closet with an extra door outside that requires password to gain access to. He said that he's seen many things happening in this closet... o.O so don't think about what you think you are going to do in that closet room.. After opening this magical door, you will see a separate room with their own private bartender and pianist. Folks were just chilling there. You do need to take 2 or more drinks to be able to stay in the back room (with reservation of course). There's a patio at the outside of the backroom, which could be really nice in the summer. To reserve the patio and the back room, it's $200 for a whole night, with your own private bartender and pianist.

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