Restaurants in Cleveland

Restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio

Very sad...

We showed up for our reservation and the table was not ready. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt as some guests can over stay their welcome...

We were sat and the atmosphere in this establishment I'll give a 2 out of 5. It's very cold to and abrasive. A lot of earth tones and sharp corners. The seating is very European- in that it is close together and not what Americans are comfortable with. I like my space while eating in public.

The bread and water service girl was such a "peach."

Not a hello or even a smile from her. We though we did something wrong. That was also the last time we saw her that evening. Apparently water is expensive in CLE.

The waiter was very pushy and pretentious and we could tell he was in a hurry as we had a later reservation. We decided this was not our problem as we were here to enjoy our dinner. The cheese course was by far the most enjoyable part of the dinner. A choice of three amazing local cheeses paired with a nice chianti.

Dinner was less than desirable. My girlfriend got the gnocchi. It was fresh pasta and made in house and was palatable. Nothing to rave about. I ordered the sea scallops with potato gnocchi and broccolini with lobster cream sauce. From the looks of the dish one might say the dish was prepared correctly. But the scallops were cold and mushy on the inside. The veg was basically raw and the gnocchi was like eating a dry tater tot.

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