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That's because TownHall Ohio City is far more than just a bar - despite its excellent beer and cocktail selection and late-night hours. This casually chic West 25th Street destination in a restored warehouse with exposed brick walls and mod-metal tables lives up to its welcoming name. It's a gathering place for young and old, a cutting edge restaurant and a trendy bar, a family-friendly and vegan-friendly eatery, and the first restaurant in Cleveland to go non-GMO. (And it has one of the best patios in town.)

No wonder there are crowds from lunch till last call. There's something for everyone - and then some.

We did our best to sample as much of TownHall's something on a recent visit, with the aforementioned 8-year-olds. They weren't going to the bar, you see, they were walking past the bar to the get to the games. Yes, games. TownHall even has a wall of retro and new board games sure to entertain any visiting child - or millennial or Gen-Xer hoping to relive their childhood. And that's not all to keep the kids (the real ones) entertained. Each young visitor gets a balloon and a goodie bag with a coloring page, Wikki Stix and a TH tattoo. The 8-year-olds at our table loved them - though not as much as they loved the food.

The games and goodies are just the side order here, you see. TownHall has a arguably the best kids menu in town. It's tasty and fun enough to impress the little ones, and healthy enough to make parents feel good. Dinner and lunch choices include grilled chicken strips with fresh fruit or fries, grass-fed Kobe burgers with cheddar and fries, and cheese flatbread with red sauce, provolone and roasted chicken. One of our young diners opted for the grilled cheese, made on thick-cut sourdough with white cheddar - certainly not your usual kids meal. The other junior diner chose the scrumptious pasta with tomato cream sauce, made with short strands of brown rice pasta in a rich chicken, tomato and Parmesan sauce. It was as good, and thoughtfully prepared, as anything on the "adult menu." Even better, all kids meals are just $5.

There's also a children's menu for brunch, and shakes and smoothies. Both girls in our group opted for the house-made lemonade - and both deemed it too tart. Never mind, I drank it, and it was deliciously refreshing. A rich creamy vanilla shake went down better with the junior set ($5). They also have chocolate and a daily vegan selection.

(Other fresh, nonalcoholic juices include the Spice Pear with pear, capsicum, apple, turnip, parsley, lemon, vanilla and cinnamon ($5); and smoothies such as the Chi ($6), with matcha tea, banana, orange, yuzu, organic yogurt, green coffee extract and honey.)

The adult menu was even more impressive than the kids, a wide ranging selection from "Proper Plates" to rice and noodle bowls, to flatbreads, soups and salads, and handhelds (aka burgers and sandwiches). Whether it's done with meat or vegetarian or vegan, it's all non-GMO.

The summery lemonade paired wonderfully with my Thai Peanut Bowl ($10), a flavorful mix of brown rice, tofu, mixed veggies and lemongrass in a creamy and slightly spicy housemade peanut sauce (it also comes with chicken).

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