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Santo's Pizza in Cleveland, OH

Are you looking for best pizza in Cleveland? We ranked top 10 places for Pizza lovers in Cleveland.

Pizza’s not hard to find–but a really good pie? That’s a challenge. Thankfully for you, Movoto Real Estate has ranked the top pizza spots in Cleveland, OH so you can satisfy your need for a hot slice without worrying if you’re about to bite into a piece of cheese-covered cardboard. These are the 10 best (non-big chain) pizza places in C-Town proper:

10. Ask For Extra Sauce At Santo’s Pizza & Pasta

Source: Santo’s Pizza

7565 Pearl Road
One-Topping Large Pizza: $10.65

Our first spot is a family restaurant that’s good pretty good all around, but doesn’t offer quite the same ambience as Maxi’s below. Their pie’s still tasty, though, and is made with a little less sauce than some might be accustomed to, so if you’re a particularly saucy customer you’ll probably want to order extra. It’s so good, you won’t mind if there’s a little too much on your slice.

9. Maxi’s Ristorante: Come For The Pizza, Stay For The Patio

Maxi's Ristorante in Cleveland, OHSource: Maxi’s Ristorante

12113 Mayfield Road
One-Topping Pizza:

This place is a full Italian restaurant with some really fantastic pasta, but people keep coming back for the pizza. Unlike some of the places on this list, it’s actually suitable for a sit-down meal, with a large back patio for enjoying an evening of pie and beer with friends. Plus, there’s some great non-pizza fare in case you’re with weirdos who don’t realize it’s basically mana from heaven.

8. Sainato’s Has Awesome Calzone (Their Pizza’s Pretty Great, Too)

Source: Sainato’s

1852 Columbus Road
Large One-Topping Pizza: $12

Calzone is not pizza. We’re mentioning it here because, in addition to some fine ‘za, this place also makes some of the best calzones around. We figured it was okay to take a small detour when this cousin of pizza is done so well. Hopefully you won’t throw a pie at us–unless it’s a Sainatos C-Town Special, that is.

Sainato's in Cleveland, OH7. Capri Pizza’s Pies May Actually Be Too Big

Source: Capri Pizza

18340 Bagley Road
Large One-Topping Pizza: .20

Is it Tuesday? Then it’s time to call Capri. They have 18-inch large pies for under on Tuesdays, which is a great price for a really good pizza. Like Vincenza’s, Capri tosses their pies New York-style, so you’ll want to pre-game on your slice-folding skills before grabbing your takeout. You’ll need a lot of fridge room for leftovers, too.

6. Antonio’s Restaurant: The Original Is The One You Want

Source: Antonio’s Restaurant

7401 W. Ridgewood Drive
Large One-Topping Pizza: $16.24

This is the mothership of the Antonio’s shops, and as such there are some differences–for the better. A big one is their brick pizza oven, which seems to possess some magical ability to–poof!–make pizza taste that much better simply through its use. You can go either standard or (as some folks don’t realize) deep dish for your crust, but whichever you choose, you’ll want to ask for some of their house dressing to dip it in.

5. Vincenza’s Pizza & Pasta Might As Well Be In NYC

Source: Vincenza’s Pizza

603 Prospect Avenue
Large One-Topping Pizza: $11

Yes, Vincenza’s has pasta, but we’re here to talk pizza. In this place’s case, it comes in the form of New York-style thin crust, and even native Manhattanites agree that it’s about as close as you can come without trekking 500 miles east. If thin crust isn’t your thing, they can do deep dish and even stuffed crust–but why mess with a classic?

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Capri Pizza in Cleveland, OH Antonio's Restaurant in Cleveland, OH Vincenza's Pizza and Pasta in Cleveland, OH PizzaBOGO's in Cleveland, OH

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