29th Fire Academy Cadet Class

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Employment With the City of Cleveland

The City makes every effort to recruit the most qualified applicants available to serve the residents and visitors of Cleveland.

Drug testing and physical examinations are required prior to employment.

According to City Charter of the City of Cleveland, positions are subject to Civil Service testing. To be appointed as a regular employee, a Civil Service examination must be passed. Those who have not taken a Civil Service test prior to employment may have to compete against others for their classification, and will have to score high enough to retain their positions. Employees who do not obtain a high enough rank may be subject to demotion or termination.

The City of Cleveland Civil Service office (216.664.2467) answers questions regarding Civil Service testing.

The City of Cleveland only accepts applications for current job openings and current testing announcements. To be notified of future openings, applicants can click on “Jobs Interest” from the left column, and select areas of interest. An e-mail will be sent automatically, when new jobs are posted.

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