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401 Euclid Ave
Ste 155
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 696-1408

I rated this a 5 for beauty! But if you are looking for somewhere to shop it is not here. It is empty and sad. I really did close my eyes and remember it back in the hay day. There is a post office and spa and hotel. I wish something was in this spot. Stop by for photos!

Go for the architecture. Go for what could be and perhaps what used to be.this is attached to the Hyatt and such a sad state of affairs as how can you sell visitors to the Hyatt when it's attached to an empty mall??? The Chocolate Bar is here. Hit that. That place rocks.

Not sure if the stores were closed or "if what you see if what you get." Either way...very elegant and sophisticated. I assume that in it's prime, it was bustling with businesses.

So I wanted us this year to visit some places in Cleveland we have never gotten to go as of yet. I was excited, because I thought there would be all kinds of shops to look at. Unfortunately even though the building itself is very beautiful on the inside there is only a nail shop, chiropractic practice and an o-charlies sub shop. It has lots of potential seeing as most of what could be stores was filled with a piece of art here and there. I'm sure if you work down-town it's a cute place to take your lunch break, but if you only going downtown for no other reason take a pass.

This place is beautiful! But unfortunately it's pretty dead. Hope that management will rework on it as I do think this place has a lot of potential.

This is an interesting place to take a quick look. There are not a lot of shops though, as it seems to have been converted to a hotel on the upper floors.

I went here last April (I know, I'm a little late with my review) when I visited Cleveland. The surrounding area is pretty young and vibrant. The hotel is located in a perfect spot near Progressive Field and R&R Hall of Fame. Also, it's within walking distance to House of Blues, Horseshoe casino and a lot of restaurants and bars. The hotel itself has a ton of potential because the structure is really beautiful however when you look closer, it's a little depressing. The mall are though is really dated. They may benefit from getting some brighter, more modern and youthful shops in those storefronts - coffee shops, a bookstore maybe, a small restaurant, even a small wine bar or brewery would be fantastic in a spot like that. They just need something new that would draw people in because it felt like a ghost town while we were there - and we were there on a weekend. I believe the storefronts were taken by businesses like a salon, a dry cleaners/tailor and a small gift shop. Everything else was dark and closed while we were there. It's a shame really. The Arcade really is unique to any hotel in the area. They should capitalize on that. The rooms themselves are not up to date, but are clean. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. They offer valet (which I always recommend using) and have packages that include breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. It's nothing fancy but it was a good meal to start the day.

Went here on our last night in Cleveland, and it was THE highlight of our first visit to the beautiful city, alongside West Side Market. Apparently level two and up are Hyatt Regency boutique apartments, and the lower two levels are pretty much all retail, occupied by such businesses as a fine dining restaurant, a cafe that fronts the other side of the building, spa room, and many more. It was late at night when we stopped here, and the inside of the building was simply stunning with all the lights lit up but not blinding, so the whole place, especially when viewed from a few levels up, looked more like the interior of a giant cruise ship. It made me wonder what Titanic must have been like before the tragedy. So much details in the most unexpected places throughout, so it makes total sense in declaring this place a hidden gem that needs revival of sort. It was kind of sad walking past all those vacant rooms on level one. Beautiful and quiet, it was perfect!

On our first visit here, we were absolutely BLOWN away! Not what we expected AT ALL. The "Arcade" mall area is inside the middle of the building that houses the Hyatt Regency Hotel; which is our Cleveland hotel of choice (see other review). So, when we were told that we could have room facing the atrium that overlooked "The Arcade" my husband and I both unwittingly thought "old school video games." In our defense he's a computer geek and I'm an academic egghead. :) The shops in the mall are small and unique. Don't expect to find a Sunglass Hut here. There are various boutiques, a spa, gift shops and eateries. But it's not really about the shopping at all. It's about the beautiful, grandiose architecture and history. It was built as the first large-scale indoor mall in American for just under a MILLION dollars! It's Romanesque style is both breathtaking and an astonishment. They have kept it very well maintained over the years. Even if your not staying in the hotel, The Arcade is centrally located in downtown Cleveland so be sure to stop by and just gaze at the staircase and amazing galleries. Definitely worth a walk through - literally. You can enter on one side and exit the other. :)

God this place is amazing! This is on my route to take the lil one when we come Downtown to see the lights and pig out at Christmas time each year. Only thing is that only places to go are super high-end places that I wouldn't be caught dead in or random delis on the bottom floor more catering to the 9-5 lunch crowd. Put in something maybe family friendly or more intresting to the average Clevelander on a Downtown excursion and I would spend way more time and money here, fo sho. Hell, a bong shop and a shady rub-n-tug would probably do well here!

The Arcade is a beautiful building in Downtown Cleveland whose beauty and awesomeness I really take for granted. I am resolving to change that - the building is really something to behold, and the people-watching is stupendous! In addition to some of my favorite lunch spots (namely, Zen Cuisine), the Arcade also houses the wonderful Marengo Spa and a great seamstress and shoe repair place. However: If you need to use the Post Office there - don't. It's seriously the worst.

The Arcade is A lovely space with historic character. The updated rooms at the Hyatt in the Arcade are modern with high ceilings, comfy beds, clean and near all the downtown fun!!

This place is b-e-a-utiful and in fact NOT an arcade but a small shopping center with a ceiling made of all glass. I didnt so any shopping but instead just perused through and looked at all the different unique shops. Because I'm a 5 year old at heart, I loved sitting on the large red swivel chairs. I kind of really want one for myself :) If you're in the area, definitely walk through and check it out!

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